(Time varies depending on property)


Have you ever walked into a room or building and instantly felt a negative vibe? Maybe an argument had just taken place or perhaps a break-up or a death had occurred, possibly even many years ago. 


The energy in our homes, workplaces, and surrounds is just as important as our own personal energy, yet it is an aspect of our lives which we often overlook.


Keeping this energy clear, healthy and balanced can have a hugely beneficial effect on us, our families and colleagues. 


A space clearing session can be done at any time, but is particularly recommended following times of change or when any heavy or stagnant energy can be felt.

  • Moving into a New Home
  • Selling Your Home
  • New Baby Arriving in the Home
  • Following an Illness
  • Following a Death
  • Following Relationship or Family Break-up
  • Following Home Renovations
  • Following Company Restructures / Redundancies